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Growth Platforms LLC operates as a facilitating loan office, in the RMA (receivables management association) industry institutional space.

Our borrowers handle billions in portfolios and have done so for decades.  Their management teams have more than ninety years of combined industry leadership and experience, and are leveraging this experience and the science of analytics to access and liquidate portfolios and accounts.

Their work is uncorrelated to the stock market, asset backed and collateralize, active management and monitoring all risk factors. No brokerage or management fees of any sort.

One Size Fits One

Create a Strategy That Works For YOU

Our work with Accuplan and our exclusive self-directed trust company which meets fiduciary goals and monitoring of cases, includes assisting with self directed trust options.  We are happy to get you a FREE guide book on these options to better suit your needs for safe guarding funds from the market rollercoaster.

Other industry leaders

Lending Diversity

Our other industry leaders specialize in the technology space as well, and are geared towards the real estate sector in their corporate back yard.  

Their diversity lends to short term opportunities and provides a niche in the marketplace with diversity in lending.

Growth Platforms LLC offers short term options to lender members in the form of 36 to 60 months fixed rate options.
We are not an investment platform but we are a fixed rate lender member platform operating under a dependent agreement.

"Business owners, if you are not working with Growth Platforms to start earning more on your money and avoid the Wall Street rollercoaster, why not? It changed my life, and I now think I can retire early."

  Wisconsin Dairy

"Farmers if you don't protect your farm legacy with the proper documents, pay less in taxes and keep more money for yourself, we are and you should be too."

Wisconsin Dairy Farmer

Let Us Help You Take Your Money To New Heights

Education Affiliate

Lender Member

Lead affiliate office coordination with field support.

Get In Touch

Get in touch with our team-leader and best selling author, seen on CNN, CNBC, PBS and featured in the Wall Street Journal.  He looks forward to working with you as a new affiliate if you are looking to help your customers with safe alternative options education.

His team meets in person with affiliates, farmers, and business owners to take advantage of regulations on Self directed IRAs to eliminate stock market risk and fees.  His affiliate support team works with lender members to educate on options available in the institutional space for better fixed rate solutions to meet actual goals of borrowers and lenders.


If you would you like additional information on how not to go broke in a nursing home and how to avoid the medicaid spend down.  Please check the box “Don’t go broke in a nursing home”.

I would also like to receive information on don't go broke in a nursing home and how to avoid the medicaid spend down:

Safety of your deposits.

We use a licensed, bonded and regulated trust company under the state laws of Nevada (see references below).

Our trust provider is audited by the State of Nevada Division of Financial Institutions.  Audits require proven financials along with proof of cash reserves.

As a trust company, funds are 100% available, unlike banks that are required to keep 3-5% of client funds on-hand.

Maintain cash reserves per state law guidelines.

Our trust provider does not lend or leverage client deposits, nor does it offer checking accounts. This insures that client funds are available and liquid.

Our trust provider is regulated by the same laws as other banks and financial institutions.

Funds are held in an FDIC insured account at Wells Fargo.

Funds are swept overnight into a money market account.  This insures that funds are not held by the bank overnight in the event of a bank failure.  This also insures that all deposits are pushed out in a cash form each night therefore not limiting the funds to the 3-5% cash reserves of the bank.  All funds are returned to the bank each morning in the form of a new deposit.  This is better than FDIC insurance because there would be no waiting for funds or any issues should there ever be a bank failure or a failure of our trust provider.

Our trust provider’s employees are bonded against theft and dishonesty.

Our trust provider’s principals have undergone FBI background checks.

Wells Fargo is our trust provider ‘s bank and Wells Fargo has one of the best balance sheets of any major bank.

Growth Platforms LLC goes a further step by filing UCC1 liens with the DFI department of financial institutions using a licensed OCI retired regulator outside consultant to ensure compliance of all funds as a 100% secured asset lending member platform for all qualified or non qualified funds.